Feeding Creativity is an ongoing art project combining Mary McCartney’s love of cooking with her photographic practice. McCartney is regularly developing new meat free recipes and through Feeding Creativity she has been able to test out new ideas by sharing her cooking with creatives  she admires. This ever evolving ‘food diary’ will be brought to life as a unique cookbook by TASCHEN where McCartney’s artist inspired recipes will be accompanied by her signature portraits, candid shots and photographs of the food shared. Anecdotes from the conversation that unravelled during McCartney’s visit will also accompany the recipes and portraits.

Before meeting her guest McCartney devises the recipes at home with the creative she is meeting in mind. The meal is prepared in her kitchen before packing it up and taking it to share in the studio or home of the creative. While there McCartney captures the occasion with her camera revealing portraits of artists and creatives in their personal space, along with photographs of the food enjoyed together. The idea came about when McCartney realised her love of cooking was inextricably intertwined with sharing it with people and the conversation and connections you can make with someone over good food. Some of the artists Mary has already had the pleasure of cooking with and getting to know are Sir Peter Blake, Rose Wylie and Jake Chapman. This crossover of art and food highlights McCartney’s multifaceted artistry and how her love of people and cooking, as well as her interests outside of photography, inform her art practice.

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