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UNDONE is the idea of instinctively throwing away the formality of pose, preconceived composition and space. The resulting work goes beyond simple reportage and reflects a complete understanding of what the photographer is searching for. The images included in this series revolve around unguarded, spontaneous moments that deliver voyeuristic and sensual images devoid of a rigid structure. Specially selected from McCartney’s archive for their candid detail and informality, the images, taken between 1996 and 2016, show repeated gestures and forms that McCartney is drawn to and captures again and again. Even when McCartney veers away from human subjects to graphic backgrounds (in DANCE and BELIEVE), the works transport the viewer to a striking moment in time that may have otherwise been overlooked without McCartney’s photographic eye. UNDONE was first exhibited at Izzy Gallery, Toronto, Canada and limited-edition fine art prints are available from the series.  

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